Kraak Festival 2021

Za 02 oktober 2021

Het jaarlijkse festival van Kraak plant zijn wortels voor deze editie een eerste keer in Antwerpen, in Het Bos!

An exceptional edition at an exceptional new locale: the yearly trip into the fringes of out-there sonic experiences known as KRAAK Festival is back for an unprecedented fall incursion in Antwerp's Het Bos. Freaked out jazz cooked up next to crackled record banging on the heels of gripping electroacoustic mastery, bookended by cosmic field recording jamming and all sorts of demented instrumental trappings: two days of music gobbling for the curious and the thirsty, enough to re-tap into those vibrational fields so sorely missed since THAT last time. Unique soundings, new findings, and that unmistakable feeling of blissful communion await - see you in the forest by the Schelde!


Line-up: (klik op de artiesten voor info)

Container (uk), Cucina Povera (fi), Dominique Grimaud (fr), EC Band (be/us), Elisabeth Klinck (be), Foudre Rockeur (fr), Heta Bilaletdin (fi), Ilpo Numminen (fi), Jon Dunbar & The Cheese Chandeliers (gr), Justine Grillet (be), Le Diable Dégoûtant (fr), Michèle Bokanowski (fr), Million Brazilians (us), Simon Van Honacker (be), soccer Committee (nl), Spuk Disk (be/de/dk), Cassis Cornuta (be)


Vrijdag Zaterdag
19:00 deuren 14:00 deuren
19:30 Justine Grillet 14u-22u Record Fair
20:30 EC Band 15:00 Elisabeth Klinck
21:15 Cucina Povera 15:45 Michèle Bokanowski
22:15 John Dunbar & The Cheese Chandeliers 16:30 Dominique Grimaud
23:15 Heta Bilaletdin 17:15 soccer Committee
00:00 Cassis Cornuta 18:15 Foudre Rockeur
20:00 Container
20:45 Le Diable Dégoûtant
21:30 Million Brazilians
22:45 Ilpo Numminen
23:45 Spuk Disk

festival hosts (& in between dj's): Personal Music Assistants
'Tempo In Vlaanderen' by Simon Van Honacker (installatie in de tuin tijdens het hele festival)

Tickets ☞
Weekend Combi Ticket : € 31
Friday Ticket : € 16
Saturday Ticket : € 26
Return Busride - Saturday : € 11
Return ride on the bus (Antwerp-Brussels-Ghent!). leaves at 1AM in Antwerp.