Different Perspectives: Hussein Shikha

Za 20 mei 2023

Join us for an illuminating evening of Artist Talks at Different Perspectives Festival.

These talks offer an opportunity to delve deeper into the creative process and gain a better understanding of the motivations, inspirations, and techniques behind the art and games presented at the festival. On Saturday 20 May Hussein Shikha takes you through his creative process of how he uses games as a tool to share and archive endangered knowledge. No matter if you're an art enthusiast, game designer, or simply curious about the creative process, these talks are for everyone!

Free admission

Artist Talk
The Legend of Southern Iraqi Carpets: Video games as a tool to share and archive endangered knowledge

Hussein Shikha is a multidisciplinary artist, graphic designer, writer, and researcher. His work entails experimental film, animation, textile and interactive installations. Hussein takes the manipulation and transformation of the southern Iraqi carpet (with all its philosophies) as a starting point to understand art and design from Eastern and non-Eastern perspectives. In so doing, he examines possible shifts towards more inclusive and less Eurocentric perceptions of art and design.