Aili (Release Concert) + GAIKO & BAUM (live)

Vr 03 mei 2024

De Belgisch - Japanse Aili Maruyama en de Gentste multi-intstrumentale beatbaas Transistorcake, dan wel Orson Wouters, vormen een duo dat achteloos Kosmische Musik, acid, house, electronica, disco en leftfield pop door de mangel haalt en dat maakt hun sound licht verteerbaar, maar lastig te omschrijven. Wat we wel weten is dat Aili permanent op zoek is naar manieren om haar Oosterse roots te verweven in deze muzikale playdate. Het tweetal zakt af naar Het Bos met hun in februari te verschijnen debuutalbum.

For their debut EP, ‘Dansu’ Belgian-Japanese artist Aili Maruyama and ‘Transistorcake’ Orson Wouters joined forces. The pair worked through lockdown to produce a wonderfully fresh sounding music project. Effortlessly bringing together elements of Kosmiche Musik, Acid House, Electronica, Disco & Leftfield Pop, it’s as easy on the ears as it is hard to categorise. With a unique blend of sophisticated electronics and Japanese lyrics, they add a new sound to the Belgian musical landscape. Singer Aili Maruyama is always looking for ways to incorporate her roots into the project. In doing so, they bridge the gap between Western and Eastern culture through their music. In addition to Aili, multi-instrumentalist Orson Wouters is often called upon for other projects as a producer, mixer, sound engineer and all-around synth wizard. Gleefully eclectic and joyful in nature, they invite you to their musical world that is a playful place where anything goes.

Photo Credits: Tina Lewis Herbots

GAIKO & BAUM (live)

GAIKO tries to convey the feelings of club music into intricate dreamlike compositions. His productions are inspired by the dance floor but meant to listen to on your living room couch. This is an ambitious form of dance music tying together a multitude of genres like idm, jungle, garage, breakbeat, hard dance, trance, and grime. Taking incentives from these different entry points, he converts them together into a gut reaction.

BAUM is a multi instrumentalist, violinist and singer based in Brussels inspired by music from around the globe and a member of ambient, synth duo ‘Pablo’s Eye’. In her solo project, she creates electro-acoustic sound landscapes interwoven with eclectic voices, spoken word and field recordings. Accompanied by homemade visuals this creates a unique universe. With the use of spoken word, violin, voice, guitar, ud and synthesizers, the music of BAUM floats between stubborn pop fragments and ambient sounds adopting Indian and middle eastern influences.

The live project of GAIKO brings his recent club productions into an electro-acoustical set-up. Using violin, vocals, a piano and two reel to reel tape recorders, both GAIKO and BAUM create organic soundscapes that also allow free improvisation. The intention is to immerse the audience into a seamless transition between electronic music and acoustic soundscapes.