Adriaan de Roover (Dauw) + Jason Kolàr (Dauw / Stroom)

Wo 06 maart 2024

Ten years into a multifaceted career in sound, Belgium’s Adriaan de Roover presents Other Rooms, his second solo album.


Brussels-based musician Adriaan de Roover has been forging a singular path in electronic music for more than a decade. De Roover’s works integrate acoustic and electronic sources into amorphous, indefinably textured shapes, creating microscopic landscapes that at times resemble alien transmissions, and often bloom into harmonic panoramas at a moment’s notice.

Other Rooms is Adriaan’s second solo album and will be released through Pieter Dudal’s acclaimed Dauw imprint, which is also the home to Midori Hirano, Dylan Henner, H.Takahashi, Lieven Martens and Taylor Deupree. Stepping back from rhythm-oriented motifs, this latest work is a concise but varied collection of weightless melodies and expertly sculpted, computerized soundscapes.


Ten years into a multifaceted career in sound, Belgium’s Adriaan de Roover presents Other Rooms, his second solo album. Over seven chapters we find a universe of colliding and diverging textures born from a balance of computerized and organic sources, each often masquerading as the other; human voices blister and warble while digital constellations transform into downy melodies, leaving neither a trace nor a sense of what may follow.

Originally recorded for a performance with Fennesz at Église Notre-Dame de Laeken in 2020, Other Rooms was reworked into its final form in 2023. De Roover notes an inspiration from “looking at different versions of a life, sitting in a space between them; a constant focus on those alternate things… What if, what if.” It is introspective music informed by a desire for connection to oneself, to others, and to the boundless scale of everything else.

Jason Kolàr (Dauw, Stroom)

For over a decade, Cristian Subirà has been an active member of Barcelona's underground music scene; organizing concerts, editing tapes, playing in bands (Dead Man on Campus, Coconot, Narwhal, Maresme, ...), hiding behind different aliases (Summer Recreation Camp, Nubian Deli, Venessa Milano and Tim Robertson) or co-founding dublab .is.

Behind him, more than 150 live shows in various places in Europe, the United States and Japan sharing the stage with Lucky Dragons, Daniel Higgs, Ariel Kalma, Joanne Robertson, The Space Lady, Julianna Barwick, Maria Minerva, Zbigniew Karkowski, or White Magic, in addition to appearances at festivals such as Sónar, Primavera Club, Atonal Berlin, LEM, Grec, Meakusma, Online Radio Festival Amsterdam, Milhoes de Festa or Baleapop.

Under different monikers he has published on labels such as STROOM, Dauw, Aguirre Records, Conjunto Vacio or Foehn.

Subirà's sound explorations navigate around ambient, Fourth World and generative music, always trying to build a porous bridge between them.

A final construction where it is easy to hear the enormous influence that Brian Eno, Roedelius, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Benjamin Lew and Ryuichi Sakamoto have on their compositions.

In addition to this, Subirà has been presenting regular programs via Dublab for more than ten years and recording sessions for online radio stations around Europe such as Kiosk, Red Light Radio, Operator, The Word or NTS.