bontridders broke my heart

Wo 14 februari 2024

Live concerten in de Bosbar en via We Are Various


bontridders broke my heart:

On Valentine’s Day, bontridders will be breaking hearts with syrupy-sweet sound waves. You will hear:

Camille Keller (live-set):

Have just finalysed a nice ass set up, 8k screen, shiatsu desk chair, that's where i produce from. Trying to get those voices layered just right. Oh yeah new mic also, my girl is already sleeping hardcore but i keep on producing, burning this palo santo from time to time she hates it but it makes my mind clear.

Trollbeats (DJ-set):

Trollbeats is an ode to the stilletos of Manolo Blahnik, cows in a meticulously well-kept garden, fluid on a hot summer day.
Expect reverb, layers, noise-pop and cuts