De Kloe + Carrageenan + Tuvalu + afterparty w/ Billies Heartbeat, Dj Boats, Juicy The DJ & Shielded Twisted Pair

Vr 02 februari 2024

Super Mario meets David Byrne meets CAN meets Lola rennt in a Sahara night club.

De Kloe

De Kloe plays organically home grown dance beats based on rudimentary musical themes and barebones structures. These are the starting blocks for musical improvisations and playfull experimentation. Once described by Dennis Tyfus as "When five entirely different bands play together and it magically works." The band consists of four members: Midas Heuvinck (bass), Leon Jespers (electronica), Matthieu Larose (keys) and Elian Van den Eynde (guitar).

After releasing multiple demo tapes, live recordings and rapsongs on the internet, they now present their debut ep on Rotkat records “De Kloe Hits”. Only hits included! Digitally available as well as on cassette tape!


The sound of this band is said to make seeds sprout faster, greedy people’s sweat smell bad, and helps with baby bird's digestion. Served with a strong Belgian beer.

Snippets of everyday occurrences and oneiric visions are sung through a blend of post punk and psyche-pop. Swings of keyboard mixed in with references of perky older times guitar riffs will sometimes halt with disastrous accidents of wailing drumming rage, but nonetheless falling all too sweetly back into crowd-pleaser pop.

TUVALU is Charlotte (Moss Lime), Emy de Nardi (She Said Destroy) and Bárbara C. Branco (PEGA).

Carrageenan (Czaszka/Jollies/Krut)

Carrageenan is a solo electronic project by Brussels based producer and Cold Moss label head Matthieu Levet (also active in Crash Toto, Vermisst Susi, Carcass Identity).

Started as a noise project, Carrageenan's music has been enriched over the years with a rough groove and sounds borrowed from techno music, illbient , dub and industrial. After 'Let's Go There' his first LP on Cold Moss, then 'Invisible Design' on Czaszka Records, his last album 'Distorted Reality' was released on Brooklyn based Jollies Records label. He just released an EP on Krut / Kraak Records.

+++++++ afterparty w/ Billies Heartbeat, Dj Boats, Juicy The DJ & Shielded Twisted Pair