Black gravity dance - Ebony Winter & chewchew b2b DTM Funk

Vr 19 januari 2024

Happy to announce another Black gravity dance session. Reminiscing on our last party/Release show at Het Bos, we've felt it was about time to throw another concert and party for our friends and music family.

We are very excited for our next soulful get-together with some very special guests on the bill. As always, we want to surprise you with artists who are probably not yet on your musical radar.

Before we start dancing, we would like to invite you to come and enjoy singer-songwriter Ebony's winter (21, Rotterdam) beautiful raw, soul voice. We discovered her through Lucas Benjamin's monthly Spotify playlist 'TIP44'. When we heard the tune wish I Could say & Black is Beautiful, we immediately felt we had to invite this soul.

For the dancing part ChewChew is joining the nighttime fun for a 5 Hour b2b with our host DTM Funk. Her distinctive style and blend of a wide range of genres have become her calling cards, leading to a diverse musical palette that defies simple categorization. Through her semi-regular event series "All You Can Feel", ChewChew is not just making herself a name as a DJ, but also as a dynamic promoter.

To complete this line up, we've asked our other host Luccatoni to present a part of his impressive record collection to the audience through a musical storytelling. Expect a musical walk in spiritual grooves. Before the concert were organizing an intimate and cosy dinner for maximum 50 foodies.


► Friday 19.01.2023

► 22:00 - 05:00

► 15€ Presale

► Het Bos, Antwerp


Artwork by John Parm