Table Dance kookt

Do 13 juli 2023

During the summer Table Dance will dauntlessly appropriate the kitchen of Het Bos and serve you an adventurous dinner with a little help of weekly alternating friends. Today we welcome Gitte Hendrickx!

Today's menu:

Vietnamese bouillon with powdered 🥚 egg
All-herbs salad
Gnocchi with coco-milk, sage and pink pepper
Blueberry 🫐 cake with cardamon, cumin and sour cream

€20 all-in 💙
rsvp with a sweet text to 0487 94 03 79

In March 2018, Table Dance was created by Michelle Woods and Roman Hiele. It was a bar, disco, a live music venue, and an eating spot in the red light district and old centre of Antwerp. It held a great number of events at the location, as well as small residencies for artists and excited cooks. Every week the menu changed, and every week there was something fun to watch or do. In March 2021, they decided to leave the location and continue with business in a more free and nomadic way.

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