Do 20 april 2023

Day 1 of a two day Visitations residency

with Dave Rempis, Darren Johnston, Larry Ochs, Marta Warelis, Nicolas Chkifi and Hugo Antunes.

Under the Visitations banner Sound in Motion shows similarities, differences and cross-pollinations between local and international musicians during a short residency.

For the first Visitations edition of 2023 – in collaboration with Het Bos – Dave Rempis (US, reeds), Darren Johnston (US, trumpet), Larry Ochs (US, reeds), Marta Warelis (PL/NL, piano), Nicolas Chkifi (BE, drums) and Hugo Antunes (PT/BE, bass) accepted the challenge to immerse themselves in an adventurous musical two day residency at Het Bos.

Rempis, Johnston and Ochs present Spectral, the trio they are touring with throughout Europe, and Warelis, Chkifi and Antunes play for the first time as a trio, assembled especially for this residency.

ism Sound In Motion

A solid European rhythm section and three American wind players create a unique convergence of different generations of improvisational musicians. This first episode of Visitations for 2023 can rightfully be called a musical adventure: The elder statesman and true free jazz pioneer of the group is American Larry Ochs, who has been highly regarded in the jazz and improvisation world for several decades with the ROVA Saxophone Quartet. Dave Rempis is one of the pillars of improvised music in Chicago, was previously a guest in the Visitations residency, and has appeared with several projects in the Oorstof series, such as the trio with Farida Amadou and Jonas Cambien in November 2022. Rempis can also be heard on two Dropa Disc releases, including ‘Dead Leaves Drop’ by ‘From Wolves to Whales’ recorded at Het Bos. The Canadian trumpeter Darren Johnston debuts on a Belgian stage, traded the Bay Area – where he spent twenty years – for New York in 2019 and feels equally at home in improvised, composed, and world music. These three wind players find in the Amsterdam-based Polish pianist Marta Warelis a young but very experienced fellow improviser, who along with Belgian drummer Nicolas Chkifi and the Brussels-based Portugese bassist Hugo Antunes forms a brand new and promising rhythm section …