GEKKO w/ Yooth / Samar / Dj Insecure / Star B & Dj Verdriet

Vr 26 augustus 2022

elke vrijdag is er FEEST in Het Bos!

deze avond:


Een nieuw global focused concept met Off Road Rythms met zweterige underground club bangers.
Denk aan een zwoele zomeravond met storm op komst.

YOOTH (Brikabrak)

On the crossroad of different percussive-driven club genres,you find Yooth, looking out for musical fusions that fit his preferred formula: soul, lively percussion, buoyant melodies, shimmery textures and unstoppable rhythm.Fluid both in genre and gender, Yoothsees dj’ing as a way to playfully shapeshift and create bodily joys on the rhythm of UK’s, Lisbon’s, South-Africa’s and Brazil’s underground scenes. Stimulated by the global melting pot that is Brussels, he founded Brikabrak to facilitate a platform for like-minded dj’s, while serving as a window through which new music cultures can be explored.


Raised in Tunis and now located in Brussels, Samar plays with atmospheric spatiality and sonic textures. Constantly evolving her musical craft, she is not afraid to take unexpect-ed turns and imbue vim and vigour into her transcendental yet resolute DJ sets.Expect mixes with a metaphysical, tangible texture. From visceral ambi-ent to blood-pumping percussions, Samar is adept at experimental bass, jungle breaks and leftfield electronica. A transgressor of the traditional codes of the dancefloor. No frills, all thrills.

Dj INSECURE (Brikabrak, Dvtch Norris)

Aka. Fahad Seriki: a man of many musical traits. rapper, producer, radio host, and sound curator. the nigerian native thrives on percussion based music from all around the world. constantly finding new parts of his musical identity through the brikabrak family, it’s his vehicle to express these parts while re-discovering the fun of a new musical quest.


dj set van Justine Bourgeus aka TSAR B


Rob Jacobs maakt niet alleen films, maar ook je nacht.

Raak Me Aan kan wegens omstandigheden niet ten dans spelen :(

€5 < 23u < €8