Le Diable Dégoûtant / Fiesta En El Vacio

Wo 25 mei 2022

Live Concert in de Bosbar en via We Are Various

♧Le diable dégoûtant
Pauline Marx, formerly of the fantastic duo La Fureur de Vouivre, seems like a being from another time and place; namely, an escaped marauder lurking in the forests of a Bruegel painting and integrating the surreal flora and fauna of a Boschian creation into the scenery and lore of deep Brittany. Her invented mythology is loaded with murky rituals and contorted mantras, backed by the surprising sounds and textures of terrains so earthly and so unreal.

♧Fiesta en el vacío
Fiesta En El Vacio immerses us in its musical repertoire and its influences oscillating between flamenco, RnB, reggaeton and synth-pop. A synthetic bewitchment invoking romantic ghosts and extraterrestrial textures. When she sing she stirs the depths of the most sensitive bellies.

deze avond is ook live te beluisteren via We Are Various!