Kraak Festival 2022

Za 12 maart 2022

Bringing it back to the basics while keeping it real in the Antwerpian woods: KRAAK Fest is clawing its way back, and not a moment too soon.

Returning to its pre-spring slot and its concise one-day format, this year's edition will have all the fixings for sweet rollicking good times in the thicket of all sounds strange and surreal, arresting and absorbing, uncompromising and untamed. Washed out synth exercises, colorful abstract fusion, potent brass noisewaves, arcane windwork and distorted dub rhythmics are just some of the offerings lined up any inquisitive soul seeking out bliss and sonic communion ~ follow the rustling all along the Schelde, it's gonna be a trip. With the support of Vlaanderen, departement Cultuur, sport, media & in collaboration with Het Bos.

Antonina Nowacka (PL), Barn Sour (CA), Beat Detectives (US), Bloedneus & de Snuitkever (BE), Dhavali Giri (FR), Donna Candy (FR), Dror Feiler (SW), Piotr Kurek (PL), Luster (BE), Marcia Bassett (US), Nuke Watch (US), Paul Arámbula (US), Petronn Sphene (UK), Sholto Dobie (UK)