Codasync - Ten years of Mows Galore

Vr 13 december 2019

Alors! To celebrate the tenth - and eleventh - anniversary of their first two albums 'In Galoré' (2009) and 'Mows Arred' (2008), Codasync will play an exclusive show at Het Bos this autumn.

'Ten years of Mows Galore' will be the quartet's first (and only) show in over six years, with a setlist highlighting the catchiest singalong anthems from their first two records.

For the occasion, the band's albums and other merch will also be available at extrémely democratic prices.

"Hope to see y'all for this one-nighter, for 't oughta be zaggingly nifty and splendidiously fäb in spades 'n shades."