Mama's Open Mic

Di 08 januari 2019

Elke 2de dinsdag van de maand!

"Mama's Open Mic is één van de grootste, warmste & meest invloedrijke platformen voor woordkunst. Maar boven al deze zaken, is MOM een safe space voor beginnende en meer professionele kunstenaars. Een plek waar je welkom bent, waar je ontdooid en waar je gesterkt door de hoge dosis aan 'realness' terug naar buiten komt."

---- LINE UP ------ 

° Sec Koe
° Spitler
° TBA!!

Hosted by Racha Mallat (A against Poverty)

+ OPEN MIC AKA ...youuu?!

"How does it work?" - Well, over the years we've always started off with our headliners and after a break, we did the Open Mic for the rest of the night.
Since this summer we've been giving Open Mic'ers a spot IN BETWEEN the headliners. Before each headliner performs there will be 3/4 spots for Open Mic'ers to perform before them.

"Ok, ok where do I sign in?" - Before every edition starts we will take in registrations for the Open Mic between 20u and 20u30, and you'll get a spot assigned for the evening. 
Spots in the Open Mic are on a first come, first serve basis so be early! 
"Can I bring my own music?" ♥ - YESS! Bring your own music on a USB-stick (!) or bring your own instrument!
"I can't this edition, when's the next time I can come?" - Every second Tuesday of the month at Het Bos!!

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