FOOTJUICE x DETKA w/ Ticklish, Carista, Alia

Za 09 december 2017

For the last Foot Juice this year we’ve teamed up with the ladies from Детка.
A night full of footwork, hiphop and beats, which is why we’ve invited 3 personal heroes.

Ticklish (GER, WEBOOGIELive From Earth)
90s R’n’B, thumping kicks, gritty snares and a roaring club. Those are the key elementsthat Ticklish releasedwith hislong anticipated „Romantic Footwork“ EP on germanhigh-profilelabel LiveFrom Earth including a featureby Austrianman of the hourYung Hurn. His sets can be described as bass-heavy yet soulful, eclectic but always focused on the dance floor.

CARISTA (NL, Red Light Radio)
You can catch her radio shows on Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio or London’s NTS. Or you can find her in the club, in Amsterdam’s Claire or Marktkantine, Rotterdam’s BIRD or BAR.

AliA (Be, Tangram Records)
'Sometimes you are visiting an event and you realize that the DJ’s extremely varied selection and mixing technique is actually very, very good. So far nothing really extraordinary – but what if we told you that this DJ was only 17 years old? You can already imagine the surprise on our face at this first encounter with AliA. In the meantime, this lady has just surpassed the legal driving age of 18, but her dedication to soulful and electronic music in all its shapes is already astonishingly thorough. Even though her career is only just taking off with small gigs here and there, most people who know her agree on one thing: there’s a very promising future for this DJ on the horizon.' - Red Bull Elektropedia

- Noel Riot
- Sydny
- Zharmu

Inkom: 5/7€