Somalia Rejine Williamson

resident Bosacademie

Somalia Rejine Williamson obtained a Bachelor of Performing Arts at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) before moving to Antwerp Belgium. She has since then worked and collaborated with a multitude of organizations as a performer, singer, actress, dancer and writer.

What do you expect to learn from a residency in Bosacademie?

I rely on feedback and perspective as a driving force to renew myself and my outputs. The world is constantly evolving and it is impossible for me to fully understand the myriad of stories that have shaped it, and stories still to come. I can, however, seek out people and places that can aid in my growth, and I hope to do so for them as well.

Describe how art is important to society.

People tend to say that art is a reflection of life. I believe that art and life live side by side, shaping each other, for one can not exist without the other. This is often politically challenged, forcing art to progress within the never-ending battle against the ideas of “worth” and “value” often placed upon it. Fortunately, in all conflict lies the opportunity to reshape the world being created by staying true to the nature of creativity.

What's the purpose or goal of your work?

This work in progress is an experience. A game. The terms are decided by the players, the result is a product of their will. I seek only to invite the world to perceive and interact with it. One could say I seek a form of universal unification.

How can your work affect societal issues?

Consistently questioning the ideologies of society, as well as, everything we believe and seek guides us in forming a well-rounded conceptualization. Thus, ‘Mother’ is a collection of failures. Failure to understand. To understand oneself; to understand others. Failure to connect, to remain constant, to be ever-changing... failing to fail. We have become too uncomfortable with failing, seeing it only as a negative. But what if it wasn’t about being “successful”? What is success? What is your version of success?

Why do you want to make art?

It is part of our innate being to use creativity. Art, like life and death, shows no bias or prejudice for it is something that we all share. How we choose to use and view that creativity forms the stipulations surrounding it. I can only hope to be a positive force.

Somalia resideert in Het Bos van 5 tot en met 21 september én presenteert de performance 'Mother' op zaterdag 1 oktober om 20u30, tijdens (V)ruchtbare Grond.