Pop Trading Company presents: A full length skate video + afterparty

Vr 14 juni 2024

A full length skate video directed by Patrick Louwerse & Jan Maarten Sneep. Filmed over the course of 3 years, Pop is proud to announce their first full length skate video starring: Pascal Moelaert, Billy Hoogendijk, Rob Maatman, Tomas De Keulenaer, Yeelen Moens, Emile De Vos, King Van Den Ban, Issey Kumatani, Jaïr Gravenberch, Jérôme Sossou and Logan Da Silva Ortiz.

Co-starring: Alex Raeymaekers, Noah Bunink, Chima Chibueze, Mats Edel, Hugo Snelooper, Laura Van Der Velden, Othmar Van Rijswijk, Willem Van Dijk, Jeff Van Der Veken and Bastiaan Van Zadelhoff. Online this summer.

To celebrate this occasion, Logan Da Silva Ortiz will host an afterparty featuring artists who collaborated with Pop Trading Company in the past.


20:00: Doors
20:30 Screening

22:00: Karel (live)
23:00: Cv Vision (live)
00:00: Tomas Redray
02:30: Logan & SRD


Songs about small topics, larger than life. Karel funnels synth pop and new wave into nostalgic tracks with anthemic qualities. Where the recordings take you into an intimate frame of mind, on stage Karel transforms them into an explosive kind of euphoria that’s un-seen nor -heard. When songwriting and performance align – once in a lifetime


As contemporary life accelerates way past peak-weird, CV Vision leans into uncertainty and leaves Earth in the rear-view. Dennis Schulze slathers a sonic storyboard with ferocious percussion, psychedelic fuzz and the pastoral electronics of Germany’s Kosmische movement. But this is less Can, more uncanny - and Schulze perfectly renders the cognitive estrangement of a simulated reality through his adventurous production. Time slips out of joint under the wow and flutter of the reel to reel, drum computers add digital interference to organic rhythms and the unfaltering slew of the 303 lends the hallucinatory thrill of the club sound system to an already psychedelic affair.

Logan & SRD

Tomas Redray