RITES OF NOISE: W. Ravenveer // Kamerkaai // Elphor VA // Félicette

Wo 20 maart 2024

W. RAVENVEER - Modular Synthnoise

w.ravenveer aka Erwin Van Looveren is an Antwerp based multi headed monster doing electronic improvisations with modular synths, guitars, voice, drawings. There are several releases made for different labels (ultra eczema, soundholes, radical documents, kerm, counter culture chronicles,...) and self releases over the years. Most is findable on his bandcamp: https://wravenveer.bandcamp.com/

KAMERKAAI - Folk Murmur

Kamerkaai loves raccoons and produces gritty mixed folk soundscapes that include wind instruments, mountain dulcimers, accordions & other soundmakers found on the storefront. Together with other underground musicians, she releases on the DIY Brussels label Mostly Interrupted. https://mostlyinterrupted.bandcamp.com/

FÉLICETTE - Turntablism

Félicette is a new project from Sam De Clercq (Brorlab, bontridders). It focused on sound experiments and connecting nostalgia to certain physical media and objects. It's parts turntablism, parts intimate ambient songs with small chants.

ELPHOR VA - Post-industrial

Elphor Va is an Antwerp based post-industrial combo started in 2019. Elphor Va breaks relentless salvos of noisy dark mush with whimsical dark ambient passages. Elphor Va is dedicated to explore the boundaries between music, visual and performance art. Listen

Noisy interludes by Casper and Tomas 💿

Live on air through We Are Various