Al Doum & The Faryds / Bear Bones, Lay Low

Do 25 januari 2024


a music band born in Milan in 2010, joining musicians coming from different experiences, from punk to jazz, from improvisation to rock.

Now it combines mainly afro and modal jazz with rock and psychedelia, using ethnic instruments for the realization of original and unexpected sound timbres. The result is a sound where musical energies transport the mind to a deeper and joyfull state of consciousness and love.

The live show is characterized as a journey, with the visual contribution of colorful psychedelic lights. The formation varies from 7 to 10 elements becoming almost an orchestra between drums, percussion, bass, wind section, electric keyboards, guitar, flutes and voices.

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aka Ernesto González / new album out on Kraak!
For his third full-length release on KRAAK - and first LP since 2016’s Hacia la luz - Bear Bones, Lay Low digs his probes into the serene chaos of his floating ideas. The eight tracks that make up Ideas Flotantes speak to an ineffable expanse of plausibility where sensorial matter suggests itself, peeks out from under glowing foliage and moving stones, and flares out into the murk and fluorescence of auricular biospheres. Sonic elements disjoint and bounce off each other, shedding bits of scintillating detritus that settle in and just as soon evaporate into an hazily melancholic semi-slumber. Imagine Jean Jacques Perrey’s Prélude au Sommeil emerging from the thick sweetness of tropical malady and you start to get the picture.

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