Different Perspectives Games Expo

Zo 28 mei 2023

18-21 & 24-28 Mei 2023

The second edition of Different Perspectives Art Games Festival has as its central theme "Together." Whereas the first edition highlighted the individual expression of creators, this edition will focus on working together. Although Different Perspectives is a multidisciplinary festival, it continues to resolutely choose to normalize Art Games as a medium and pontificate in the festival's title.

About the theme and exhibition
Last year we showcased an exhibition with autobiographical video games that showed how interactivity can be an outlet of artistic self expression. This year, the festival is centered around the theme "Together". Games can be a wonderful shared experience. The interaction design of a computer game brings people together, regardless of their background, location, or interests. When done well, the shared experience of a game can be a powerful and fun tool for bringing people together, and creating connections between individuals that would normally not meet.

We made a diverse selection of games from all over the world offering interesting and new perspectives on how games can be played together. We hope you enjoy it!

Gratis toegang / Free admission


Death Squared (AU) / Heavenly Bodies (AU) / Fingle (NL) / Katpatat (NL/FR) / Laser Dance (BE) / Ibb & Obb (NL) / Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (CA) / At a Distance (IE) / Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes (CA) / Word After Word (US) / The Legend of Southern Iraqi Carpets (BE/IQ) / Tap Happy Sabotage (UK)

read more about the games: https://www.differentperspectives.be/games-expo

Different Perspectives is a festival about artistic video games