Different Perspectives

18-21 + 24-28 Mei 2023

The second edition of Different Perspectives Art Games Festival has as its central theme "Together." Whereas the first edition highlighted the individual expression of creators, this edition will focus on working together. Although Different Perspectives is a multidisciplinary festival, it continues to resolutely choose to normalize Art Games as a medium and pontificate in the festival's title.

Different Perspectives 2023: games, talks, music, visual arts, cross medial installations, food & more

Different Perspectives Festival welcomes you for two weeks of game exhibition, talks, live podcasts, networking, parties, music and food!

The Game Expo is the beating heart of the festival, open every day and free for everyone. With carefully chosen experiences which each bring their own interpretation of what "playing together" can mean, we invite you to discover games that you might not see elsewhere.

We open the festival with a multidimentional live show by Avondlicht, and will close off the festival with the jazzy quantum melodics of Namid & Sondervan.

Curious about learning more about the stories of the makers of artistic games? The Artist Talks will do just that.

And if you happen to be a professional artist or game developer, you definitely MUST register for the Network Day.

Design: Design: June Osselaer & Esther Vandenbroele
Thanks: VAF