Lukas Rys - Somewhere in a box room in the future. An animal. Is fighting for its life

Vr 13 oktober 2023

Concert in teken van Vruchtbare Grond

Lukas Rys is a producer/singer/performer making experimental music. In a dark and visual style, he channels the characters in his head, bringing theatrical elements into his music. In his performance at Vruchtbare Grond he will tell the story of a man bleeding to death in an

office in the future. Expect to be immersed in a futuristic tale about fear, spirituality and wanting to live in a house in the forest.

Lukas is currently studying Kleinkunst at the Antwerp Conservatory. He is a hybrid artist, applying his performative background to music making. Inspired by many different artists (like Aphex Twin, Radiohead, Björk and Kendrick Lamar), he wants to tell you a story of his own.