Hotub - Vier voor bijna half twee

Do 12 oktober 2023

Performance in de Theaterzaal in teken van Vruchtbare Grond

Inspired by the gaze of the fool, Hotub gets distracted by ordinary things that keep them occupied for an extraordinarily long time. They take a single snippet of reality and transform it into new encounters, objects, and spaces. Hotub is a fictional protagonist under which a changing number of artists collaborate. This ever-changing collective has a multi-disciplinary approach that combines sculpture, costume design, sound, text and dramaturgy. Every piece of the puzzle is self-made, resulting in performances and installations that bridge the gap between the fictional and the real.

In ‘Vier voor bijna half twee', Hotub explores the inner life of a main character who navigates her way through her numerous selves. Consider the act of splitting: one becomes four, the self becomes indistinguishable from the other. Thoughts, words, murmurs and whispers transfer from one body to the next in an unstoppable chain of events. What if the different versions of yourself begin to rebel against the words that define them? You are never on your own when there are four of you.

Je kan een gratis ticket ophalen aan het onthaal op de dag zelf vanaf 16h00.
Vol = vol.