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Vr 03 februari 2023


Since it became well known for us that reality lacks dark matter, we ha!||(+ (

|[- |/[-’|| |/-|||̷̱̋) !̸̪̊̓|| []||̶͔͍͝Once again modern scientist are remaining in a puzzled state. Many questions about the Ring Of Thruth have been unanswerd.|||# '

-|/:/|/[-$ |)[- /\/\[-New observations suggest those galaxies could be part of a string of similarly bizarre objects—the debris from the galactic smashup. '[] ̸͍̍̔[-$(/-\They are inhabited by strange, luminous star clusters. -\|='|'[-/2 $|'|'//! (/- |>

A new mission is confirmed, in company of some of the finest space oddities. We unfold our wings again on february 3th at Het Bos!- |/ /\/\ '|'#[- |>/ -||

Line up


|Pak Yan Lau




/flapy & sniper

/2 $|

More info soon!