VISITE (film in Het Bos): 'Indispensible blue' + 'Blue'

Zo 26 februari 2017

"VISITE is een 11 dagen durend filmprogramma samengesteld door makers Anne Reijniers en Eva van Tongeren i.s.m De Imagerie en Het Bos."

INDISPENSIBLE BLUE (offline) – Bryana Fritz (performance)

Bryana Fritz finds herself in a darkened theatre, her back turned away from the room. The contents of her computer screen are projected on the rear wall. Her desktop is studded with blue folders: BLUE 1, BLUE 2, BLUE 3, … The cursor begins a journey through the unknown: tracing lines, illuminating sections, opening folders and files from which fragments of poetry, colours or sounds emerge. “If software exerts a choreographic force on the user, how can she employ dance as a means to escape its clutch?” Bryana asks herself. (Johanna Cockx, etcetera)

BLUE (1993, 79’) - Derek Jarman

Bryana Fritz: "Jarman indirectly and poetically tethers the deep speechlessness and concealed expression of the color blue to his coming to terms with the AIDS-induced decay of sight and body. For me, to sit alongside ‘Blue’ is an experience far from prescribed. As a watcher, my body registers its own impotency in the face of decay. My performance of looking to the screen or choosing to look away in no way indicates my attention. I am blinded, bored, mesmerized, and drowning in the vast stagnant screen. Jarman, I am touched that you let me turn away from the screen."

Ticket = 5€

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