VISITE (film in Het Bos): 'Printed Matter' + 'Detour de Force' + 'Friday Mosque'

Za 18 februari 2017

"VISITE is een 11 dagen durend filmprogramma samengesteld door makers Anne Reijniers en Eva van Tongeren i.s.m De Imagerie en Het Bos."

PRINTED MATTER (2011, 29') – Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat

‘Printed Matter’ takes its viewers on a still, yet penetrating excursion into the intimacies of political history and the politics of intimate lives. The film shows an exquisite selection of contact sheets including memorable events such as the First and Second Intifada and the birth of director Brutmann. The evidence comes from Brutmann's father, who was a freelance press photographer covering two decades of news in the Middle East.

DETOUR DE FORCE (2014, 29’) - Rebecca Baron
FRIDAY MOSQUE (2014, 7’) - Azadeh Navai

Sirah Foighel Brutman & Eitan Efrat: "Since the dawn of photography it was believed that the camera might steal one’s soul. ‘Detour de Force’ brings us back to these question: what really happens in front of the camera when the image is being created on the surface of the film? ‘Friday Mosque’ takes place in between celluloid, movement and image; attesting spirituality through the unpredictability of film experimentation. Both films share an inherent preoccupation with things you can not see in the image, and the things you can see in sequence, in between images."

Ticket = 5€

Full-Program Pass = 25€ voor alle films