Female Boyfriends #2 : A club night for FLINTA-QUEERS & their friends

Vr 12 april 2024

Get ready for the second edition of Female Boyfriends — a queer & Flinta club night. With Vera Moro, L4U and Female Boyfriends residents DJ Yama, Nee?! & Butchpm. Performances throughout the night by Sassytarius, and Marina Garibaldi. Presale only, make sure to read our policy & guidelines before buying a ticket.


Vera Moro is a dynamic, queer DJ and performer based in Brussels, she combines her diverse musical background into captivating performances spanning various genres. From Verona, Italy, with formative years in Chile, she integrates hardhouse, breakbeat, and more into her sets. Vera Moro is resident DJ at Deep Down East and Queer Future Club. As a key figure in Brussels' queer scene she is dedicated to creating safer, more inclusive nightlife spaces.

L4U is ***co-founder of "TransPédéGouines" and promoter of "Who’s That Girl". She has shaped Liège's queer nightlife*. Influenced by underground, queer culture and commercial RnB, she creates eclectic, dynamic sets, merging genres. Her love for old-school RnB and Soundcloud digging has led to a diverse collection of garage, reggaeton, baile funk, techno, speed dembow, drum & bass, and 2000’s reworks.

DJ Yama, Nee?! lives and works in Brussels, creating and absorbing music. You may know her from her band Aili. “We need more Flinta parties!” That’s why she started co-organising Female Boyfriends, where she will take you on an emotional and eclectic musical trip.

Butchpm is a philosopher and DJ. They are a prominent figure in the queer scene in Antwerp and one of the driving forces behind the queer & Flinta club night Female Boyfriends. In high-energy and euphoric sets, they blend nostalgic hard house sounds from the '90s with cutting-edge club, breaks, and techno beats of today.


Sassytarius is a transmasculine fag-queen. Born in Brussels & based Antwerp they are one of the founders of Female Boyfriends. Sassytarius combines the best and the worst personality traits of their star sign to give you a sassy & sexy performance. You can expect radical softness and kinky intensity combined.

Marina-Garibaldi Nata in una piccola isola Italiana, ora vi porto musica, spettacolo e molto amore.


23:00u - 00:30u - DJ Yama, Nee?!

00:30u - 2:00u - L4U

2.00u - 3:30u - Vera Moro

3:30u - 5:00u - Butchpm