Extra Academy: Fair Kin Arts Almanac

Do 28 maart 2024

SOTA will present the new 2023 Almanac in an Extra large Extra Academy session! In the afternoon, we will focus on the educational chapter together with THE GAP group. At 19:00 the Extra Academy lecture will present ins and outs of the new Fair Kin Arts Almanac.


Extra Academy organizes an open program of lectures, performances, workshops and screenings around artistic practice, reflection and research. The platform that they offer, is one where participants become acquainted with practices and visions that are hardly or not at all addressed in the media or art education. In this way they aspire to create a much broader picture of the stratification and rich complexity of what contemporary artistic practice can mean in dialogue with, among other things, art-historical, socio-political, philosophical and economic implications.


[…] This book is a wheel – a wheel of kinship. Place it vertically in front of you, open its pages and spread them evenly around its spine. The wheel of kinship is circling around an essential working field of our society – the field of the arts. […]

The Fair Kin Arts Almanac is made with the voices of more than 130 artists, writers, and activists spinning their thoughts and experiences into 12 chapters around a year. Surprising perspectives, recipes, sound practices, and reflections around ecology, parenthood, the need to rest in a life that never stops, the urgency for space and infrastructure for artists, redistribution of resources, accessibility of the sector, artistic involvement in politics and much more.

Society cannot be devised without the connectivity and relational perspectives of kin.

THIS BOOK IS A WHEEL – A WHEEL OF KINSHIP The FAIR KIN ARTS ALMANAC is a circular book, filled with perspectives, recipes, astrological wisdom, ideas, games, proposals and in depth reflections around topics of social political relevance. For the Arts and beyond.

The book was edited by a team of 13 editors that in turn each worked with artists, art workers, writers and academics. Chapters range from politics, making space, education, parenthood, accessibility, ecology, mutuality, rest, migration, redistribution, property & open source and relationality.

READ MORE: https://state-of-the-arts.net/almanac-2023/

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