Cosmic Force (live) / NÂR (live) / Hiele (live) / Dj's SRD, Techniks Jan & Stroheim

Za 24 februari 2024

Due to circumstances beyond our controle we have to postpone the liveshow of Legowelt but found a great replacement in Cosmic Force. All ticket holders are informed directly. Feel very welcome to join this Saturday!

Cosmic force (live)

For this edition we have no one better than 'COSMIC FORCE', the notorious energy bomb wil bring us his accelerating 4x4 & electro infused rhythms, acidic sounds live set to launch your brain into a cosmic travels.


He will be accommodated by Antwerp’s finest deejays, and live performances by:

NÂR (live)

Nadia Daou is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, performer and composer from Libanese - Suisse decent who tours with a variety of instruments and objects. Her abrasive, hypnotic and unpredictable performances are improvised sonic experiments. Nowadays Nadia plays with a set up that consists of watches, carillons and other metal objects with which she shows us a more incisive and radical part of herself.

Hiele (live)

Roman Hiele (Belgium, 1991) is a composer and performer of electronic music. Hiele’s music surfaces in the form of hard to pin point electronica, build on a long time obsession for synthetic sound creation and jazz studies. On stage Hiele plays with expectation, going past what is considered conventional, blending improvisational and classical elements into a no-nonsense personal idiom.

+++++ DJ'S SRD / Stroheim / Techniks Jan
Record spinning legends Stroheim and Techniks Jan will bring out, to dust off some of their favourite disks, with out hesitation to make you shake.