A Sonic Protest and Benefit in Solidarity With The People Of Palestine

Vr 23 februari 2024

Partipants: Aiko Devriendt, Adnane Bensaada, Adriaan de Roover, Aleksandar Skoric, Atyan Houshmand, Benjamin Hertoghs, Benjamin Verdonck, Bei Wen Tan, Bert Cools, Betül Sefika, Bram Van Houtte, Chantal Acda, Charlotte Koopman, Cynthia Carballo, De klup, Denis Inghelbrecht, Dennis Tyfus, Denzel Bruckenburg, Dirar Kalash, Eric Thielemans, Erik Heestermans, Floris Vanhoof, Frans Van Isacker, Gerard Leysen, Hanne De Backer, Hadas Cna'ani, Hendrik Lasure, Hendrik de Rycker, Hussein Shikha Al-Lami, Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė , Jan De Vroede, Jan Matthé, Joachim Badenhorst, Johannes Eimermacher, John Dikeman, Kristina Camilleri-Grygolec, Mashid Mohadjerin, Marija Rasa Kudabaitė, Melanie Matthieu, Mieke Verbijlen, Nabou Claerhout, Nico Hillé, Peter Daems, Roman Hiele, Sadrie Alves, Stine Sampers, Susanna Ingignoli, Sylvain Debaisieux, Tashattot collective, Tsubasa Hori, Ugnė Vyliaudaitė, and more TB

Attention dear friends and strangers!

Come join us on Feb. 23 to sing, to grieve, to rant, to listen, to scream, to chant, to eat, to offer, to amplify, to commune! The evening will start at 18h with food and art sales, followed by concerts, film screenings, performances and more.

We, a local group of artists, organize this sonic protest in the hopes that our collective actions will ripple and grow. We invite you to join this continuous and expansive movement for awareness and justice.

All proceeds will be donated to support the urgent needs of artists and artistic initiatives in Palestine, via Mophradat and the HOPE Foundation.

For tickets and donations: https://www.gofundme.com/sonic-protest-funds-for-arts

Please come with cash to the event!

Looking for the word for DEATH first? Noise. What has happened? Noise. Ceaseless roar of violence? Noise. Striking nearby now but right there soon? Noise. Assess the situation? Noise. Nuance and proportion? Noise. Media drowned it in their mainstreams? Noise. Negotiations? Noise. Terms of condition? Noise. Majority, minority? Noise. Paralysis? Noise. Understanding? Noise. In perspective? Noise. Fact check? Noise. What is this if not terror? Noise. Fear, destruction? Noise. Endless and relentless? Noise. Sensibilities? Noise. Comparisons? Noise. Discussion of the strategies? Noise. Military expert? Noise. Politics, perception? Noise. Discussions and opinions? Noise. Intelligence? Noise. Emotional? Noise. First let live? Noise. All too late? Noise. Speechless? Noise. Powerless? Noise. No movement, no common goals? Noise. Minute of silence? Noise.

Ceasefire and justice for the Palestine people.