Extra Academy: Nadia de Vries

Do 22 februari 2024

The Everyday as a Strategy for Fiction

Fiction doesn’t emerge from imagination alone. There are ways to manipulate the everyday – banal or repetitive as it may be – as an ongoing source for innovative writing. In this lecture, Nadia de Vries will offer some personal examples of how to use the mundane necessities of life as a foundation for literary experiment.


Extra Academy organizes an open program of lectures, performances, workshops and screenings around artistic practice, reflection and research. The platform that they offer, is one where participants become acquainted with practices and visions that are hardly or not at all addressed in the media or art education. In this way they aspire to create a much broader picture of the stratification and rich complexity of what contemporary artistic practice can mean in dialogue with, among other things, art-historical, socio-political, philosophical and economic implications.

Nadia de Vries

Nadia de Vries is a poet and cultural scholar from Amsterdam. Her books include Know Thy Audience (2023), I Failed to Swoon (2021) and Dark Hour (2018). In 2020, she obtained her PhD in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam. Besides writing poetry in English, De Vries also writes fiction in Dutch. Her debut novel De bakvis (2022) is currently being translated to English as Thistle (2024) by Sarah Timmer Harvey. She’s also an editor at nY magazine, and writes about contemporary art for various platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium.