The Artist Report w/ Emee, Yaye Daro and Mimi Waterfall

Vr 24 november 2023

An evening where we get to meet the artist and enjoy their music in one night.

In the first edition of “The Artist Report” the host Calya J. will sit down with three different music artists, who are making their way through the jungle of the music business. After getting to know the artists and their story through the panel talk, you will be able to see them break free into their artistic form. The live performances will be followed up with an afterparty where we can all share our latest dance moves.

The artists:

Emee. is the alias of Emeraude Tshidibi Kabeya, born in Kinshasa, Congo. Belgo-Congolese artist rooted between Leuven en Brussels. Emee. brings "Soul 'n' B": A blend of neo-soul and R&B with a hint of pop. After a chapter in a more funky and rocky repertoire, Emee comes back with more softness. She blends the different languages she talks everyday into authentic and melodic storytelling about love, lust, loss and everything that made her the woman she is today.

Yaye Daro, which means mother Daro in Wolof, is a multidisciplinary Afropean artist with Senegalese, Frisian and Belgian roots. His artistic practice revolves around frequencies and they can be shaped and/or highlighting. Although music and sound form the core of his creative output, he is deeply interested in - and influenced by all kinds of frequencies, for example: light, colors, bodily frequencies, and smells (also views them as frequencies).

Mimi Waterfall is an Afro-soul artist from Belgium. Her music is deeply personal and introspective, exploring themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and owning one's identity. Drawing inspiration from life’s patterns and lessons, Mimi Waterfall creates music that is both soulful and thought-provoking. Her lyrics are poetic and relatable, touching on universal experiences that connect listeners to their emotions and experiences.

Even though at first listen the elements they use in their music may feel very similar, the difference is found in the way they present, create and articulate into a musical form. They will all be accompanied by amazing musicians and beats. Tap into their universe of neo soul, hiphop, and afro/reggae grooves with hints of jazz!

The DJ of the evening is: Yakub Dysney. With his wide range of music genres he’ll make sure everyone's feet, ears and heartbeats stay tapped into the groove.

Tickets: €7 via deze link