Ahwesh / Delanghe / Schuurbiers / Mead & Bateson

Za 18 november 2023

kortfilmprogramma in teken van Visite Festival

Martina’s Playhouse (1989, 19’) – Peggy Ahwesh

A response to Pee Wee's Playhouse, focuses on the girl child, grappling with the fluidity of gender roles as she role-plays with her toys.

Song of Homecoming - Alex Schuurbiers

Filmmaker Alex Schuurbiers became captivated by a small house on a French island, a mystical place hidden between the waves. In Song Of Homecoming, she talks to the house and its inhabitant in an attempt to find kinship and connection.

Cuts (2023, 6’) - Cloë Delanghe

In the black-and-white short film Cuts, we see austere images of the artist cutting her mother’s hair. The title also refers to the analog production process, where 16 mm film reels are cut up during editing.

Bathing Babies in Three Cultures (1951, 10’) – Margaret Mead & Gregory Bateson

An anthropological study, showing different methods of bathing children in Balinese, Iatmul (New Guinea) and American practices.

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