L’Esprit Du Quartier with Dago Sondervan, Mélodie Blaison, Deejay Backstabber & Mogus

Wo 25 oktober 2023

gratis in de Bosbar en via We Are Various

Join us for an evening with L'esprit du quartier, live at de Bosbar for We Are Various! 🌟

Experience live performances by the incredible Dago Sondervan and Mélodie Blaison, supported by the dynamic duo Deejay Backstabber & Mogus. Don't miss out on this musical journey!

Dago Sondervan , a versatile artist known for his prowess as a DJ, jazz drummer, and live coding pioneer, has been pushing the boundaries of music for decades. Get ready for an extraordinary night filled with AI-moderated melodies and live-coded improvisations. Witness the fusion of art and technology in action! 🎛️🎶

Embark on a sonic journey with Mélodie Blaison ! Expect meditative soundscapes and immersive installations as she weaves together flutes and field recordings to transcend reality. Let's explore the boundless realms of art and emotion together! 🌌