Dienne album release ‘Addio’

Do 01 december 2022


Dienne is a Belgian composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. She builds songs and soundscapes portraying images & stories that play behind her eyes. Starting with the oboe as a child, before adding the piano and flute to her repertoire, she later produced soundtracks for theater and dance performances. Her debut ‘Addio’ released on August 26th on ‘Other People’.

Dienne’s ‘Addio’ is a 32 minute study on loss and mourning. Following the death of her grandmother due to covid, and unable to say a proper goodbye due to travel restrictions, Dienne set out to give her “Addio” through musical form. She lets objects fall, leaves windows open, and lets the wind dust off the shelves. This is the sound of everyday mourning, a taste instead of an event. A lingering, broken and patient work of undeniable beauty.

Adriaan De Roover

Adriaan de Roover is a musician and composer. Since 2014 he has released work through [PIAS], Dauw, Consouling, Fog Mountain and through his own imprint. Adriaan wrote music for installations, dance and documentary, and performed one-off performances with, among others, Lotte Dodion and Wide Vercnocke.

Karl Wille

Karl Wille makes cyberspaces, -images, -systems and music. Karl Wille looks for deeply human encounters within fictive digital words. Their parallel universe is fluid. Shapes morph. Sound and image fold towards one another. Via humor and a hyperpersonal approach, the matter becomes plastic, sensual and razorsharp. #cringecore #imaginereality


The melancholic music of Gilman escalates from carefully layered soundscapes into a tidal wave, in a sonorous universe that gradually reveals its secrets. Gilman is Sander Stuer is Gilman. The Brussels-based producer recently worked with Dienne on her critically acclaimed debut ‘Addio’, and produced Jan Verstraetens ‘Cheap Dreams’, alongside playing the drums in Belgian bands like Sleepers' Reign. For a while, Stuer went to Iceland to work at the Greenhouse Studios. On the job he worked as an assistant to Ben Frost and Valgeir Sigurðsson on their projects with - among others- Sigur Rós and Swans, and soundtracks for ‘Dark’ and ‘Raised by Wolves’. After hours, he created his own music, and his debut EP 'vuvu’, a study on vulnerability.

Mandy Pixel

Mandy Pixel is a Brussels based DJ, sound artist, and filmmaker. Her sets and work revolve around the familiar while at the same times are constantly trying to disrupt it. Her work is like being around many strangers: awkward and stimulating. Using scraps of conversations and up beat tunes she confuses and aims to create poetical porn made out of sound.

20:00 - 20:30 Gilman
20:50 - 21:30 Adriaan De Roover
21:50 - 22:35 Dienne
22:55 - 23:30 Karl Wille
23:45 - 02:00 Mandy Pixel DJ