Film program with Hubert Tuyishime

Vr 18 november 2022

The act of Remembering (2021, 6’) - Hubert Tuyishime

In a personal conversation with the artist's mother, they both dissect the problem of the remembering as an active poetic form of travel through family history. In the conversation the themes: fragmentation, desire and the tenderness of love connect the loose ends. Set against the rifts that language creates in this process of exchanging oral legacies.

In the search for everyday images of Rwanda, the always disappointing submission to violent images from the past influenced the creating process. The Eurocentric view of contemporary Rwanda is in stark contrast to the actual mundaneness.

Burial Path (1978, 11’) - Stan Brakhage

Film begins with an image of a dead bird. The mind moves to forget, as well as to remember: this film, in the tradition of THOT-FAL'N, graphs the process of forgetfulness against all oddities of the remembered bird-shape.

Excerpt from “Decasia” (2002, 7’) - Bill Morrison

A collage film featuring an original score by Michael Gordon. A meditation and fierce dance of destruction using decomposing film stock as raw material.

Silence along the river (2021, 7’) - Sherko Abbas

About this film Sherko Abbas writes: In 1985 a group of Kurdish fighters, known as a "Peshmerga", on a mission to attack one of the army’s camps in the north of Iraq. They took the Sirwan river by a small raft to cross the area which was controlled by the Iraqi army. This footage is part of an old archive taken by my father Abbas Abdulrazaq, a former Kurdish fighter and cameraman. He accompanied this group of Peshmerga to document their activity during the mission. Despite all the risks they have taken, the battle didn’t happen. Consequently, my father filmed them when they were singing a song.

The Black Boy and The Tree (2016, 4’) - Shikeith

The film follows a Black man (Michael Oloyede), as he journeys into the woods to persuade a mysterious Black boy to come down from a tree he has made his home.

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