Do 26 januari 2017

Het Bos and Ondergronds present:

"When Fursy Teyssier and Les Discrets released their debut album "Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées" in spring 2010, they received an extend of public attention that is quite uncommon for a newcomer. As Fursy was involved in bands like Alcest and Amesoeurs beforehand and was responsible for their expressive cover artworks, he was by far no blank page in the scene. Thus, the anticipation towards Les Discrets was respectively high, but the compositional quality of "Septembre...", the unique and strong blend of genres, and the ambitious artistic album concept silenced critics quickly. Les Discrets became one of the leading bands of the uprising Post Black Metal movement within a short time. On his second album, "Ariettes Oubliées...", Teyssier appears significantly matured, his artistic vision is clearer than ever. The album's tenor is more severe, yet the bittersweet melancholy and almost painful yearning, both characteristic for the debut, are more moving than before. "Ariettes..." is an elegiac and sublime album of enraptured beauty that developes Les Discrets' characteristic style in the overlap of Post Rock, Doom Metal, and Shoegaze convincingly in every extend and which will cement the band's status as a cornerstone of a new, thrilling music genre."

CATAYA (de/be)
"Cataya was founded in early 2014 to free and live their fantasies. They live in different places of Germany and Belgium and came from different European countries - Germany, Belgium and Spain - with different cultural backgrounds. Several projects like carambolage (crblg), Arryn, Itinérant and Straat were previous outlets on their musical journey. Close your eyes and travel in the world of music!"

"Stunningly beautiful and enormously aggressive; that’s what you could call Belgium’s Thurisaz. Ever since the quintet’s inception in May 1997, the band has been known for their delivery of high-quality music and live shows. As usual the band does not shy away from uncomfortable and confronting lyrical themes dealing with loss, tragedy, pain and suffering."

Doors - 20h00
First band - 20h15

Tickets: VVK 15€