VISITE (film in Het Bos): 'In Frankrijk zijn geen walvissen' + 'Là Bas'

Wo 17 augustus 2016

'In Frankrijk zijn geen walvissen' (2015, 19’) - Eva van Tongeren
'Là Bas' (2006, 78’) - Chantal Akerman

"A filmic essay, set in a sleeping vacation village in the North of France. The filmmaker takes you with her on a personal search for peace and quietness; a certain grasp on the world. During the visual walks we hear a correspondence between the filmmaker and an actress. They muse about hope, getting grip, changes and borders."

Eva van Tongeren on Là Bas (2006, 78’) by Chantal Akerman:

"Akerman films the life of her neighbours. We see them smoking, drinking, enjoying the sun. In the meanwhile we hear Akerman talking about her depression. She does not come out very often, because she does not want to be distracted from her work. It feels heroic to take the bus or to do grocery shopping. She reads complicated books about Judaism and tries to write notes on that. World history and Akermans personal past merge together. In her film Akerman uses the space to talk about her emotions. We are locked in the apartment together with her. We feel her tiredness and fear for what is happening outside, the fear of losing control."