Rune Tuerlinckx & Nina Marte Wilson - Mondaino, a way to deer mountain

Za 07 oktober 2023

Filmvoorstelling in de Theaterzaal in teken van Vruchtbare Grond

In 2022, Nina graduated as a performer and visual artist from the Institute of Performing Arts, Maastricht, the Netherlands. During her studies, she started to replace the stage with other landscapes and herself with objects and elements. From a theatrical background she moves towards other media, such as film, video, photography, animation, installation and food. She works intuitively and with soft hands. During Vruchtbare Grond, She will show Mondaino, a way to deer mountain; a film consisting of material she collected together with sculptor and co-resident Rune Tuerlinckx, while traveling through Europe in the beginning of spring. The film will be a stream of images and a river of thoughts, an experimental attempt to capture the landscapes they encountered..

Je kan een gratis ticket ophalen aan het onthaal op de dag zelf vanaf 16h00.
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