Networking Day

Vr 21 januari 2022

Different Perspectives Art Games Festival highlights what videogames as a cultural medium can do and aims to inspire by presenting, meeting & creating games during a two week festival in Het Bos.

With the Different Perspectives Networking Day we stimulate cross-fertilisation between different sectors and be a meeting place for individuals and studios with professional experience in making and developing video games, with a passion for society, culture and/or art on the one hand and local professional artists, in the broad sense of the term, independent of discipline, who want to embrace the interactivity of game technology in order to reshape the social themes and stories that drive them.

On this networking day, we present 3 international speakers with relevant experience in the overlapping field of culture, arts, games and an info session on relevant support initiatives.

There will also be a speed-pitch round, a networking lunch, and participants will have access to the Relive / Herleef exhibition.