Curse Ov Dialect / Cirqle & Cyqle / Rahsa

Do 27 april 2023


Coming from Melbourne (australia), this multicultural bush gang { formed in 1994 around Raceless & Paso Bionic, then consolidated with Volk Makedonski & Atarungi } with multiple references offers a joyfully iconoclastic and seriously messy performance… • Taking their essence∼deviance deep into the socio∼political, poly∼ethnic and atypical «hip∼hop» culture : CURSE OV DIALECT interweaves traditional aboriginal sounds, «rock» riffs, among other oriental musics, as well as experimental, and deliciously mixed with all «electro» sauces. Considered as a musical anomaly on stage, theatrically savage and controversial at the crossroads of civilizations → Curse Ov Dialect is a great what-the-fuck & in-your-face which breaks with every conventional, consensual, accustomed habits…


Cirqle & Cyqle are TRUENOYS & MIDM, they have been working together for many years & on various projects wich resulted in albums, 12's & soundtracks on Pulver Records, DEEP MEDi, Lovemonk Rec, Compost Records etc. Projects have been championed by Benji B, Moodymann, Nightmares On Wax and Mary Ann Hobbs. They teamed up with Mala to create the soundtrack for the animated version of Akala's novel The Ruins Of Empires, directed by Andy Serkis on BBC Two. The duo droppped a bunch of EP's and tracks earlier this year ahead of their debut LP - ENDINGS, BEGINNINGS - coming on Rotkat Records january 12, 2023, coming on a beautiful vinyl with vocal contributions from a different range of artists & friends. Their music is drenched in electronic organic headnodding deep bangers, blending the old & new in CIRQLE & CYQLE's own unique style.


Two fossil comets from the golden age universe, knocked off course by a fresh breeze of space dust

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poster: Bent Vande Sompele