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Interview Fred & Toody (Dead Moon)

Looking back at several decades of playing in several bands, what are some of the best memories that you share?

Our first show in Europe at Vera 1990, the Longhorn show in Stuttgart put on the Live Evil double LP (biggest crowd Dead Moon had played for so far) and everything about our first tour in New Zealand in 1992. Met some amazing crazy Kiwi folks who are still friends to this day. All the backstage jokes and travelling in the van together, especially from 1990 to 1996, all of us still young and wild!

…and some of the worst?

Worst memories are Pinkpop festival in Germany where we we cut to only a 15 minute set because they were behind schedule and they cut off the PA in the middle of 54/40 or Fight, not too good with the crowd!!!

What’s it like to perform as a duo instead of performing as a full band?

Playing in this duo rather than a band is just easier for both Fred and I, too much for him especially to do a full rock band anymore. Less volume but still intense and much more romantic, just the two of us!

Is DIY still as important to you as it was in the beginning? If so, what is it the main important aspect of DIY that keeps you within this approach?

DIY has always been in our blood since we were both children, just always came naturally. At first it was also because that's the only way we could afford to get things done, but more about the control you have and the pride that comes from achieving something by yourself. Same aspects apply today.

What will we be able to expect from your performance at Het Bos? A trip down memory lane or maybe some new things as well?

For this tour we are playing mostly Dead Moon material since that's what the audience expects and wants to hear, but also a couple of new songs, a couple from The Rats and Pierced Arrows. A sample of everything from 1978 to present. Long time and too many songs!!!

Interview door Bos-medewerker Thomas Camps.

Fred & Toody spelen op zondag 12 februari in Het Bos

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