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Interview met Jack Sharp van Wolf People!

Although Wolf People is rooted in the modern world, your sound is a crossover between ancient folklore and noise, a throwback to the psychedelic guitar bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s. How and why did you start creating this unusual universe?

I love the description ancient folklore and noise!
It really just comes from listening to a lot of weird old records and reading weird old books. We wanted it to sound like where we come from, and England is a haunted, mossy old place.

There’s a lot of conflict in your music as well, it’s almost as if the vocals are trying to break loose from the shredding guitar riffs. Is this a way of representing the ongoing struggle of man versus nature? Civilization versus savagery?

Not consciously, but again I love that description. I don’t have a rock voice and that puts some people off, but it’s my voice, and I like to sing as naturally as possible. I was bought up around folk music so that’s how I know to sing, and over time we’ve found a way to make it work with a loud band, which is just to make sure we’re playing dynamically and leave enough space for the vocal to get through.

As an England-based band, do you feel more isolated now that the Brexit kicked in, countries all over the world close their borders and nationalism is the current state of mind?

Yes. It’s totally shit and I’ve never been more worried for the human race. There is an atmosphere of hatred and isolation that seems to be dragging us further towards something hideous everyday. It makes me want to go and live in a cave.

Do you think it will affect the music industry? For instance, will it be harder for upcoming bands to go abroad or anything?

I really hope not, but I don’t see it not affecting every aspect of our lives. I think it will make bands less likely to travel. Then again, maybe music will become a little angrier and with a little more purpose.

Het Bos actually means ‘the forest’, so you guys should fit right in. What can we expect of your upcoming show? Should we order an extra pack of earplugs?

It’ll be loud, then quiet, then loud again. It’s rock and roll, some solos, lots of drum fills. Like the records but messier, with more sweat.

interview door Bos-medewerker Mich Segers

Wolf People speelt op 13 Februari in Het Bos.
→ http://hetbos.be/agenda/2017/2/13/#1207

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