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Boskeuken - Vos en mier (Visite)

Tijdens Visite Film Festival serveren verschillende collectieven dagelijks een vegetarische maaltijd aan een democratische prijs. Vos en mier maken empanada's!

Op hun menu: een bord met drie verschillende veggie empanadas, bijbehorende sausjes en een verfrissende salade. Extra empanadas zijn te bij te bestellen voor 1.5 euro per stuk.

Gelieve te reserveren via visite@deimagerie.be!

→ Project: OPEN KEUKEN
VISITE FILM FESTIVAL w/ Ans Mertens & Lina Laraki

ANS MERTENS - ‘Sunday’ (avant-premiere) & LINA LARAKI - ‘PLANT.MOV’ (avant-premiere)

+ Ben Rivers - ‘There is A Happy Land Further Awaay’ (2015, 20’)



Ans Mertens - ‘Sunday’ (2019, 10’)

Set in a natural reserve ‘Sunday’ treats the frame as a path, guiding the spectator’s eye like the wanderer is guided along sights.However, the frame hits the tension between the rough landscape of the heather and its cultivation. 


Lina Laraki - ‘PLANT.MOV’ (2019,20’)

After all human life disappeared from earth, a plant recalls its dream about a contemplative 'last observer'. The dream is cinéed to us by a bored artificial intelligence. A dystopian narrative tries to reconnect us to possible lost affects.

PLANT.MOV is het resultaat van een intensieve werkperiode bij AAIR van april tot juli 2019. Voor de screening in het Bos gaat kunstcriticus Pieter Van Bogaert in gesprek met Lina Laraki over PLANT.MOV
Wanneer: 04.08.2019 - 16:00
Waar: AAIR, Ploegstraat 27
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+ Film of choice: ‘There is A Happy Land Further Awaay’ (2015, 20’) by Ben Rivers

'There Is A Happy Land Further Awaay' captures the landscapes of the remote volcanic Republic of Vanuatu archipelago, before they were devastated by Cyclone Pam in early 2015, the footage becoming a ghostly document of an ecosystem now irrevocably altered. A hesitant female voice reads a poem by Henri Michaux, recounting a life lived in a distant land, full of faltering and mistakes. Island imagery of active volcanoes, underwater WW2 debris, children playing, and wrecked boats transform into intangible digital recollections of the island, made on the opposite side of the world. Images of the eroded land merge with eroding film, a lone figure on a boat drifts at sea.

→ Project: VISITE