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Ankerrui 5-7
B-2000 Antwerpen

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STRANGELOVE - A Queer Festival
Q-Kitchen: Gitte & Miljan

Strangelove serveert elke dag overheerlijke spijzen in de Boskeuken, alvorens we u onderdompelen in het festival. Otark, Gitte & Miljan en Rode Biet bevolken de keuken en brengen verrassende culinaire creaties zodat u goed gevoed de avond doorkomt.

reserveren voor deze avond: gitte_lebr@mac.com

→ Project: OPEN KEUKEN
X-POSURE (expo)

EVERY DAY 19.00 - 22.00

"In X-posure an international group of artists expose themselves. An introspective journey through the fantasies of queer creatives, who join forces in a titillating exhibition."

with: Valerie Reding, Elske van Lonkhuyzen, Alan Tod, Randomagus & Samuel Bester

7 WAYS TO (expo)

EVERY DAY 19.00 - 22.00

"Strangelove is searching the most passionate exhibition experience in fashion and art this year with award-winning fashion designer-artist Tom Van der Borght. By stretching the critical and existential capabilities of these two disciplines, “7 WAYS TO” offers an exhibition of provocative and cutting edge fashion design elements with contemporary artistic statements."


Queer Creatures Nature Reserve

everyday 19.00-00.00

"Find your favourite spot in Strangelove’s jungle. “Queer Creatures Nature Reserve” is an oasis of tranquility as well as a dark forest with hidden dangers. In these wild woods you’ll find Manon Montravers “Oracle of the Creatures”, for all your answers written in the stars. In need of some new camouflage? Strangelove Tattoo Antwerp provides wild themed flash tattoos. Or make a little nest and enjoy the video installation “The Dream of the Girl Diver”. All kinds of species are welcome!"


oracle reading - performance
EVERYDAY 19.00 - 00.00

"Creatures of the Oracle is a performance where Manon invites the audience to an oracle reading, based on cards that they created. This oracle is the result of a research around different mythological figures and fantastic creatures. Each card of this oracle is  embodied by a monster, an ambiguous, non-human, or partially human creature. Manon do these readings as a private talk between me and another person, where they use the cards in a divinatory practice, personal development and introspection, where they propose to each participant to project themselves into these figures, to imagine them as emblems of plural queer identities."

*Readings are going to be in English and French.

Manon Montravers is a queer and non-binary artist. They work and live in Dijon, France. > Manon Montravers

Strange Love Tattoo

everyday 19.00 - 00.00

Info and portfolio Poke Fiction

"Strange Love tattoos x Strangelove festival - finally, we meet! We do not only share our names, but also our penchant towards the unruly and our love for the arts. Tattoo artist Poke Fiction from the Antwerp-based tattoo studio Strange Love will put up her booth at our festival. Get a wild-themed flash design drawn by Poke Fiction handpoked in Het Bos."

Prices: 50-150 € depending on the design

I-CLIT (performance)

"i-clit, a performance-manifesto of the body, in the flesh, and in which the sexual object becomes the subject… A new wave of feminism was born — ultra-connected, ultra-sexualized, and more popular. However, facing the ambivalent power of pop culture, where and how to position oneself in this battle as a young woman? What weapons should be used?"


Queer Shorts (films)

short movie program

"Size doesn't matter! The Queer Shorts are our favorite little dirty movies of the moment. We bring you an eclectic compilation of the best short stories on the silver screen, from documentaries to animation films, for your pleasure. "

STRANGELOVE PARTY with POLLYESTER + dj's Baba Electronica, illustre, Fabio Beaverhausen, Miss Schwarzkopf

Feest wild en hard! Party wild and hard!

POLLYESTER is back. After three band based studio albums, Polina Lapkovskaja now presents herself as a solo project. The former phenotypic disco bassline slides to the back in favor of a new vocal presence, that dares to venture into unimaginably abstract realms. Between Binaural beats, that screw themselves into the subconscious and psychedelic videos, Pollyester gives us a teaser of the upcoming album and thus the shape of pop to come...

POLLYESTER is the perfect warm-up for the festival's legendary closing party. You will dance, because standing still is not an option.

dj's: Baba Electronica / illustre + Fabio Beaverhausen / Miss Schwarzkopf 

Naar jaarlijkse gewoonte sluiten we het festival af met een spetterend feest in de concertzaal van Het Bos. Het feestje van het jaar is terug. Vunzige beats, bijtende lijven en pompende dansmoves tot in de ochtend. Kom af, wees jezelf en leer de liefde van je leven (beter) kennen.

We close the festival with a spectacular party in the concert hall of Het Bos. Pollyester will start the fire with their concert, and passes the flame on to our fabulous dj's. Expect biting beats, pumping bodies and dancing till morning light!