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Ankerrui 5-7
B-2000 Antwerpen

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Boskeuken: Moustachio

We springen in de bres voor Goegekruid die er vandaag jammer genoeg niet geraken. De sprong wordt gewaagd met:
* kruidige maïsbeignets
* pompoen-bloempkoolcurry
* komkommer raita
* rijs
en dat voor 6 euro.

Thank you, come again.

→ Project: OPEN KEUKEN

John McEntire and Sam Prekop (Tortoise/The Sea and Cake) will be playing a few selected EU shows introducing their modular instrumental set.

"A couple of years ago John McEntire and Sam Prekop have, besides their long established activities with The Sea and Cake, Tortoise or the Soma Studio, started new collaboration which is centered around an entirely electronic exchange. The duo’ s music strikes an impressive balance between control and spontaneity, seamlessly transitioning from abstraction and discord into passages of blissful harmonic consonance. Using only a small set of modular synth and electronic drums, all songs have a sense of forward motion with constantly shifting rhythm pulses. The thoroughly intriguing live sets of McEntire and Prekop are moving the interplay of live drum beats and analogue sequencers into the realm of the accessible without abandoning the experimental legacy of their instruments."

+ MAPSTATION (de, Stefan Schneider, Kreidler)
"Düsseldorf based musician Stefan Schneider is a founding member of Kreidler and to rococo rot. After a decade of seminal collaborational works with Joachim Roedelius (Cluster), Bill Wells, YPY, Katharina Grosse or Sofia Jernberg, Stefan Schneider returns with his solo project mapstation. Introducing his first album in ten years (out in September 2019) on his own label TAL, Schneider articulates non-standard tunings, bass sunken arpeggios to provide dark counterpoints to breezy chords and unsynced rhythms."

+ Dj Yves De Mey

VVK Ticket: €16,75 / Kassa: €18
Tickets via ‚Äčprekop-mcentire-hetbos.eventbrite.be