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B-2000 Antwerpen

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Boskeuken: Goegekruid - Winter in Mexico

"A fresh and heartwarming Mexican meal would find its way into your life on a winters day..
Who would you share it with?
Authentic street food style, fresh hand made taco's straight on the next veggie level!
Hasta Pronto!

salsa verde / pico de gallo

Veggie-Vegan / 6€ / Reservar por favor! reserveren via goegekruid@gmail.com

→ Project: OPEN KEUKEN
Het Bos inviteert OYE records

"Without OYE, the Berlin music scene would look a salad bowl with only tomatoes in it: plain and monotonous. This is not only true for the several record labels that belong to the OYE family, let it be the in-house labels Money $ex Records, Box aus Holz, OYE Black and OYE Edits or imprints like Tartelet, MM Discos or Nos Classics, that have gained international recognition thanks to OYE distribution. Also, the OYE DJs share the same spirit when it comes to the ingredients of a tasty DJ Set. A musical menu where no record is played for the sake of being eclectic, because it is cool to play or because it’s being sold in three-digits on discogs, but for the sake of experimenting, of passion, of love. Ecleticism with style.

Let’s take Delfonic for example, the co-owner and co-founder of OYE Records. When it comes to DJing he has a wide range of styles: Disco, House, Techno and Afro. Depending on the audience, you can expect forgotten

Eli Pavel also works at OYE Record Store. Her musical pet issue is all about Afro, so expect her to drop some African gems from the lost crates. The youngest addition to the OYE family is Belgian DJ, producer and label owner Arno Lemons, who adds up to the musical range perfectly. You can be sure to hear his organic sounds translated into funk, house, electro, disco and exoticisms from him, when the time is right."