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Ankerrui 5-7
B-2000 Antwerpen

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A CITY BUILT ON OTHER STORIES: an evening on decolonial thinking (talks)

On Saturday May 13th ‘Une ville en prise sur d’autres Histoires' invites Heleen Debeuckelaere to share her thoughts on decolonial thinking. Afterwards Véronique Clette-Gakuba and Karel Arnaut, representatives of the collective, take the floor. They will discuss the emergence of the collective, their plan of action and various objectives. 

20h00 - What does our history tell you? In this lecture Heleen Debeuckelaere will explore family history and processing historic trauma with regards to European colonial history. She believes that the 'colonial trauma' is not exclusive to Afro-descendants, but lives in the minds and families of all involved parties. With the help of historical theory, literature, film and pop culture she will try to map different roads to processing historical trauma. Wondering if it is possible, or even preferable to come to some sort of conclusion?

=> Heleen Debeuckelaere is a writer and historian, actively involved in organisations as Black speaks Black, Belgian Rennaissance and Métis de Belgique/Metis van België.

20h45 - Véronique Clette-Gakuba & Karel Arnaut on the formation of a hybrid and open collective and the multitude of issues and challenges that surround the statue of king Leopold II at Place du Trône. 

=> Véronique Clette-Gakuba is a doctoral researcher at Université Libre de Bruxelles, working on the links between art, migration and colonisation. Karel Arnaut is an associate professor and coordinator of the Interculturalism, Migration and Minorities Research Centre at KU Leuven and editor-in-chief of African Diaspora. He works on post-colonial dynamics in the area of diasporic identity-formation and activism in urban contexts in Europe and Africa.

21h15 - Heleen Debeuckelaere in conversation with ‘Une ville en prise sur d’autres Histoires'

EN, FR & NL spoken

→ Project: Changing Gears
MIND OVER MTTR: Endgame / Hiele / Flora Yin-Wong / Trime / doro / Icy Fake

mind over matter is magic ♥ 

"We're so happy to announce the first edition of MIND OVER MTTR, a vessel for progressive music and arts & a celebration of the weird and the wonderful. On May 13th we're teaming up with our favorite Belgian concert hall Het Bos. To kick things off we have invited some of our favorite producers and dj's in the world and we will be hosting a digital expo devoted to the possibilties and risks technology offers in our daily lives. "

👼 LINE-UP 👼 

We're very proud to announce Endgame aka one of our favorite producers in the world is coming to Antwerp for the first time. He has released records on Hyperdub Records and PTP fka Purple Tape Pedigree, he's a co-founder of Bala Club and hosts the groundbreaking show Precious Metals on NTS Radio. Endgame is a key figure of the current London scene with his disturbing yet highly addictive mix of hot & cold industrial riddims, and his knock-out dj-sets & mixes are nothing less than legendary.

Antwerp-based producer Hiele is turning up for a dj-set. With his 21st century take on IDM music he's grown to be one of Belgian's most unconventional and inspiring artists. We're super excited to hear which part of his musical identity he will be showcasing during his dj-set at MOM.

We couldn't be happier to host Flora Yin-Wong's first show on Belgian ground. This PAN-affiliated producer has blown us away with the plainly magical beauty of her first release on PTP fka Purple Tape Pedigree and her track on the new ambient compilation mono no aware. 

With his Slagwerk crew Trime has been an inspiration for MOM for a long time since he invited several of our favorite producers to his super cool Leuven-based party. No doubt he'll deliver a killer dj-set with today's most exciting new music.

Ghent-based dj ICY FAKE played alongside Amnesia Scanner and Ash Koosha at the latest Bozar Night. Expect a set filled with today's most relevant hip-hop and electronic music, ranging from bittersweet tunes to absolute bangers.

Together with Kassett and samuelspaniel doro has founded Midlife, Belgian's most exciting new label. She just released her first own track and we're really here for it. 

👼 EXPO 👼 

We're teaming up with Ayrton Eblé and Emiel Raeymaekers to curate a digital expo showcasing progressive internet art. MOM wants to challenge artists to collaborate and integrate their work in a new digital installation which will be on view the whole evening in Het Bos. 

VVK Tickets 8€ / avondkassa: 10€