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B-2000 Antwerpen

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"Teranga is een overtuiging en levensstijl die duidt op eer, respect en vrijgevigheid naar gasten toe. 
Met deze visie in de hand en het hoofd serveren wij vanaf heden Afrikaanse gerechten met veel goesting en liefde.

Reserveren kan tot en met 2 februari via: abels.gregory@gmail.com

Vegetarische Mafé met Teranga rijst - € 6
Mafé is een typisch Senegalees stoofpotje met een romige saus op basis van pinda, met in dit geval een hele hoop groenten.
Teranga rijst is rijst met een eigen speciale toets van het huis.

Denk gezond. Denk tropisch. Tot binnenkort! "
Fatou, Grég & Latzé

→ Project: OPEN KEUKEN
THE POP GROUP ft. Mark Stewart

"Their return represents post punk provocation for a contemporary era, a resistant continuation of dissentious intent that refutes the nostalgic comfort of the old for a bracing, contrarian engagement with the new.

With 'Citizen Zombie' their first studio recording in 35 years, the album’s release in February 2015 reaffirmed the band’s assaultive power with a record fuelled by unfettered studio experimentation. Taking aim with incisive social critique and expansive pop radicalism, it confirmed the band’s undiminished relevance. A necessary, targeted affront to modern apathy; the dystopic pop such volatile times deserve.

As part of a conversation with Thurston Moore for The Quietus, Mark Stewart elucidated on what the record represents in the context of the band’s history: ‘We wanted to actually be a pop group and to go on the television shows and to engage with the normal channels as an antidote to the kind of zombification of society…For me, it’s really important to engage – and to engage fiercely’.

The band have recruited dub titan and producer of their seminal Y album Dennis Bovell as well as founding member of Public Enemy and legendary Bomb Squad producer Hank Shocklee, realising a dream twofold collaboration, as Stewart concludes: ‘We’ve at last fulfilled a double fantasy to work with our two favourite sonic assassins, Dennis ‘Blackbeard’ Bovell and Hank Shocklee. We’re in awe as Dennis, the Captain Kirk of dub is taking us on a hyper sound voyage into the future, and Hank, as always tears up the rules totally upholding our faith in the absolute value of noise. We’ve gone completely off the map."


Tickets: VVK 17€