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Ankerrui 5-7
B-2000 Antwerpen

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Boskeuken: OTARK

Tijdens VISITE is er elke dag Boskeuken vanaf 19u (behalve zondag).
reserveren kan via: reservations@deimagerie.be

→ Project: OPEN KEUKEN

"Black Metal / Black 'n' Roll. They are one of the first Finnish black metal bands together with bands such as ARCHGOAT, BEHERIT and IMPALED NAZARENE. Formed 1990 in Kuopio, Finland. For the first time in Belgium!! Don't miss this one!!"
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"Black Heavy Metal. Countess’ unique and harsh style of metal, characterized by an uncompromising loyalty to the old Heavy Metal and Black Metal traditions but by no means unoriginal, has certainly gone through changes over the years, but its essence has always remained the same. For the first time again on tour since 1997 and the first time Ned Flanders!"
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"Apocaliptic Black Metal. Blackdeath was founded back in 1995 and may be the oldest black metal band from Russian territory. From the very foundation to this day Blackdeath has chanted and is chanting the Apocalypse which befalls everywhere: from deeps of human psyche till chasms of the endless Space. Blackdeath plays Apocalyptic Black Metal exclusively. Harsh and disturbed in its intensity, Blackdeath are among the most dedicated individuals and perform with militant precision. Their last tour in Europe was with Inquisition and Archgoat!!"
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!! With Special Guest !!
"Black Metal. One of the most promising Old School Black Metal bands from the low countries!! Their latest album is yearlist material!!
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VISITE (film in Het Bos): 'Same River Twice' + 'Museum Piece'

"VISITE is een 11 dagen durend filmprogramma samengesteld door makers Anne Reijniers en Eva van Tongeren i.s.m De Imagerie en Het Bos."

SAME RIVER TWICE (2013, 110') – Effi Weiss & Amir Borenstein

Summertime... The Jordan River in Israel is swamped with Israeli vacationers. But can a “chosen people” go on vacation? Effi and Amir, who left Israel ten years ago, take us on an exploratory journey through a land that is both mythical and concrete, where people and landscapes are marked by politics, religion and history. What does it mean to belong to a land? Can one escape it?

MUSEUM PIECE (2014, 12’) - John Smith

Effi Weiss & Amir Borenstein: "In ‘Museum Piece’ one line connects three active components: mind, body (hand), gaze (image). This line is reciprocal, it can move in both directions: at times the thought leads the filming and the image becomes the outcome of the thought. While at other times, it’s the image that the filmmaker sees in his viewfinder, while filming it, which influences his thoughts. The filming is not an execution of a predefined plan, but rather a live process, within which the very act of filming and thinking is documented."

Ticket = 5€

Full-Program Pass = 25€ voor alle films

→ Project: VISITE